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A Brief Tour Of Hell's Pond [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Duck From Hell

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Fueled by the Monster [Oct. 24th, 2006|06:33 am]
The Duck From Hell
[music |Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced by Dropkick Murphies]

Taurine and Caffeine are what's seperating me from the zombies.
November 20th, Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, MXPX, Whole Wheat Bread, Suburban Legends, and Westbound Train. Pearl Street, $16... and I'll be home :(
Well, enough distractions, back to midterm schieza...
Marra's test is gonna be a slaughterhouse...
On a totally unrelated note, anyone heard from Jordon? Is he still kicking?

Monster is good... very good... I think my heart's gonna explode if I continue to drink it at this pace though...
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Beat my code [Oct. 17th, 2006|01:27 am]
The Duck From Hell
[mood |Anxious (True meaning)]
[music |Forest by System of a Down]

23-7-4-1-2-9 23-7-4-1-2-9 3-7 0-11-0-12 1-7-6-2 0-3-0-4-19 9-7-6-2 7-22-16-2-21 14-0-12 22-16-2 5-4-19-3 7-15 5-4-19-3-9 16-0-9 1-7-6-2 22-7 20-18-0-12 0-19-14 4 9-16-0-18-18 18-7-9-2 6-12 9-7-10-18 22-16-4-9 14-0-12 7-25-12-6-0-19-14-4-0-9 19-2-23-2-21 21-4-14-2-9 0-18-7-19-2

See if you can figure it out...
Hint, the following letters do not appear, but here are the numers associated with them: X=24 B=13 Q=8
Please try, cause it'll be fun.
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Mer?? [Oct. 16th, 2006|03:54 am]
The Duck From Hell
[mood |rejuvenatedUncentered]
[music |Seven Deadly Sins by Flogging Molly]

My dad is healing.
I couldn't get ahold of anyone at Bill's house this weekend.
My family is doing well in general.
School is going decent.
Jim turns 21 in 1 minute so I gotta run...

Have good times while there's still time.
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(no subject) [Aug. 9th, 2006|11:58 pm]
The Duck From Hell
[mood |coldHopeless]

It's back, I don't know why...
Had a good few days, but now I'm just wanting a conclusion...
Thoughts are back, thoughts that haven't surfaced in years...

This is bad.
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2006|03:08 pm]
The Duck From Hell
[Current Location |The magical land of self hatred]
[mood |enthralledenthralled]
[music |Defy You by The Offspring]

I sold my soul to Blizzard this afternoon.
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(no subject) [Jul. 22nd, 2006|01:58 pm]
The Duck From Hell
[Current Location |Livermore]
[mood |irritatedItchy]
[music |Time Bomb by Rancid]

I blame Lindsey.
Many of these should be easily identifiable.
A. Pick 11 of your favorite movies.
B. Then pick one of your favorite quotes from each movie.
C. Post the quotes in your journal.
D. Have those on your friends list guess what the movie is.
E. Either strike out the quote once it has been correctly identified or place the guesser's user name directly after the quote.
F. Extra points for knowing the actor or character's name.

1. This is for all you new people. I only have one rule: Everyone fights, no one quits. If you don't do your job I'll kill you myself. Do you get me?

2. That is not a real robot move. You are not a real robot.

3. Yeah, a little bit of pain never hurt anybody, if you know what I mean. Also, I think knives are a good idea; big, fuck-off shiny ones, ones that look like they could skin a crocodile. Knives are good cause they don't make any noise, and they less noise they make, the more likely we are to use them. Shit 'em right up, makes it look like we're serious. Guns for show, knives for a pro.

4. You ever crossed the road and looked the wrong way and presto there's a car nearly on you. So, what do you do? Something very silly, you freeze and your life doesn't flash before you cause you're too fucking scared to think. You just freeze and pull a stupid face, but the Pikey didn't.Why?

5. God is going to sit this one out.

6. And this game is made all the more special by the fact that it's free-range chicken night.

7. Do you know what your sin is?

8. What usually happens when people without guns stand up to people with guns.

9. I heard thunder last night. Must have been Satan's stomach growling.

10. Not without incident.

11. Television. Television is the explanation for this, you see this in bad television. Little assault guys creeping through the vents, coming in through the ceiling. That James Bond shit never happens in real life! Professionals don't do that!

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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2006|10:44 pm]
The Duck From Hell
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Im The Only _ay Eskimo by Corky and the Juice Pi_s]

8+8(x1.5 holiday pay)+8(x1.5 OT)+8+8(1.5 continuous OT)+8+8(x1.5 continuous OT)+8(x2 Sunday pay)= 88hrs
88x$12= $1056
1056-(whatever the fuck taxes are)= paycheck

3-11-7 is a shitty 16...
just in case anyone was wonderin_
my keyboard is dyin_
I have no _ or apostrophe or esc... yeah...
3-11 all week, Friday off, sat&sun 7-3... anyone wanna do somethin Friday??? Please??? If I dont do somethin_ fun Im _onna explode...
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Wake up: [Jun. 26th, 2006|06:59 pm]
The Duck From Hell
[Current Location |Home by myself w/ Timequake]
[mood |angryAngry]
[music |Jimmy's Chicken Shack]

The social conciousness is dying. I offer, as proof, two instances, one federal, one local:

For actively pursuing to expand the knowing of the public the New York Times is being reprimanded by the White House and certain news organizations that shall remain nameless. That's right, for investigating and informing the public that their privacies are being invaded in a fascist manner, the NYT is being ripped on by the organization flagrantly abusing a majority in all three branches of federal government and a member of an organization that is supposed to inform the people of the failings of those branches.

A library is being closed in Livermore Falls. A public house of knowledge is being financially exterminated. What's worse, this is due to a vote by the people. Perhaps, had these people read Fahrenheit 451 they would have chosen differently. Or, perhaps, the ignorant fucking retards in their infinite supply of stupidity have become so obsessed with their wall-screens and modern fashions that they have attempted to skip forward directly into the more inevitable than ever future of mental conformity and weakness.

This is why madmen like Stalin, Mao, Cromwell, Napolean, Nero, and Hitler are needed, because even if it has only been for a short period of time that tends to show up late, they inspire people to improve by sowing the seeds of death and destruction. People wake the hell up when madmen make statistics.

Kant once said, "David Hume has woken me from my dogmatic slumber." Well it's about damn time that people start waking the fuck up while we still can, because with every passing day more knowledge slips away replaced by the facade that is technology and false prophets.

Wake up.
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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2006|09:29 pm]
The Duck From Hell
83.62919% - Dysfunctional Geek
Down 2.5+% from last time I took this! WOOT!
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2006|02:28 pm]
The Duck From Hell
Yeah, so I saw James and Chuck score reasonably low on this and figured hell, I've lost some of my nerdiness in the past year... All I have to say is F*** online quizes...
I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
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